Cookbooks for foodies… the kind filled with recipes that are delicious and just work…

Sweets and Treats

If you have followed me for some time you will know I bake religiously twice a year. Easter and Christmas. I dedicate the month before these festivities to batch bake and sell assortment baking boxes for you all to enjoy.

So I thought I would share my recipes with you in an ebook so you too can bake them at home if you are unable to get your hands on the real deal.

One Bowl Dinners

The past few months I have been absolutely loving cooking a meal that gets piled into one bowl that I can eat on the dining table or curled up on the couch while watching some tv (Surely you do this too)?

I thought I would create some of my favourite meals that I have been enjoying lately and put it into this book for you to make and enjoy with your family.

Delicious AF Recipes

Imagine having a bunch of foodie-tested dinner recipes up your sleeve… the kind that make you mutter, “f*** I’m good!” under your breath as you serve your family and friends. That’s what you’ll get in the Delicious AF Dinners Cookbook: meal ideas that will have you trying new recipes and flavours without stressing you out.

One dough 10 recipes

Impress the family with baked savoury and sweet treats that look like they took you ages using super-simple 2-ingredient dough. Picture this: whipping up focaccia, pide, pizza, empanadas, panzerotti, a garlic and chorizo twist, orange, cardamom and cinnamon knots, baked Asian buns, chocolate almond baklava bread, and raspberry, lime and thyme crostata. You’ll learn how using the easiest dough around. And did I mention they’re all mouth-watering winners even my kids love?

I always remember that moment when I made a very well known Aussie cookbook author’s Pav for a family occasion and it was a dud. Seriously, how annoying is it wasting time, ingredients and precious energy on a foodie fail?!

That’s why my recipes are created with love in my Casa (and tested on my fussy kids and husband): to deliver delish results. And because really, no one has time to f*** around with recipes that don’t work.

If you’ve been burnt before (like that pav I tried to make), don’t just take it from me, here’s what happy foodies say:


My husband said, ‘that Marylin goes alright with her recipes’…
I think you have added a few years to my marriage

– Linda


Such a great recipe! Second time in a month and gets better and better

– Hernan


Homemade pizzas for the win tonight using your 2 ingredient dough.
I switched to GF SR flour and it was still amazing

– Laura

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