Sweets and Treats Ebook

Introducing my Sweets & Treats EBOOK

If you have followed me for some time you will know I bake religiously twice a year. Easter and Christmas. I dedicate the month before these festivities to batch bake and sell assortment baking boxes for you all to enjoy.
So I thought I would share my recipes with you in an ebook so you too can bake them at home if you are unable to get your hands on the real deal. I thought I would extend my kitchen to yours with these recipes I thoroughly enjoyed developing and capturing.

Recipes included:

Salted caramel slice

Fudgy chocolate & raspberry brownie

Carrot cake slice with cream cheese icing

Passionfruit melting moments

Frangelico Balls

Salted tahini cookies

Lemon & blueberry cake slice

Baci Di Dama cookies

Malt cookies with chocolate & espresso

Much love,
Marylin xx

Some frequent questions I get asked:

Do you need to be an advanced baker to make these dishes?

ummmmm hell to the no… I have tried my best to make these dessert recipes as simple as possible. 

Time... Will these recipes take a whole day to make....

Most of the recipes are easy. There are a couple that are more for baking therapy and have a few steps in between cooling and icing, but I host cooking classes for those so we can make these together…

Are there a lot of ingredients in your recipes?

Depends. Some do but the method is simple. I wish I could be that person that only uses 3 ingredients but I am not, I am all about flavour baby…. I promise you will not regret baking these recipes.

Here’s what some of my community have to say about these recipes:


I can’t imagine anyone not loving whatever you make

– Michelle


Absolutely zero regrets! Would eat the whole tray.

– Jaimie (fudgy choc & raspberry brownie)


This is my all time favourite caramel slice EVER!!

– Chloe

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