Ciao I’m Marylin.

Welcome to my Casa, a place where you’ll have a laugh while you get inspired with creative, flavour-filled ideas for brekky, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

If you’re like most foodies you’ve experienced that moment where you put time and love into an awesome looking recipe and it doesn’t turn out (and it’s even worse when you’re busy and the kids are whining because they’re hangry).

See, even though I’m a recipe developer and cookbook author, I’ve been there too (pav that didn’t turn out, anyone?). And there’s nothing more frustrating when you’re busy  and just want the meal you’ve spent time and ingredients on to work.

I also have a deep love for cookbooks and have created a monthly cookbook club that I dream to take on the road.

If you’re here it’s because you love food as much as I do. So come on in, make yourself at home and:

Marylin x

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My Story

You might be wondering where all my multicultural recipe ideas and obsession with food and cooking comes from. For that, I thank my family.

See, my Mum is an amazing cook who grew up in Venezuela. In fact, in her family, everyone is a good cook… so much so that her family ran their own catering company.

Mum’s Venezualen family flavours include paprika, cumin and fresh herbs.

Meanwhile, my Dad is from the other side of the world: Aleppo, Syria, known as food central in the region. Aleppo’s flavours are closer to Turkish cuisine, using robust spices and a balance of salty and sour (yum!). And my Dad’s mum was also an amazing cook.

Dad’s Syrian family flavours include cumin, Aleppo chilli, mint and zesty yoghurt.

So it’s no surprise I grew up eating the most delicious, exotic (well, to other people) food and flavours and ended up being a recipe developer and cookbook author.

And then I met my husband whose family hail from Puglia in Southern Italy where they’re known for their seafood.

My husband Joe’s Southern Italian family flavours are all about letting the seafood and fresh ingredients shine with simplicity.

You might be wondering what kind of recipe developer these ingredients produce… A fusion of flavours and cultures which translates to new, exciting flavours in my recipes.

See, part of me loves robust, full-on flavours and part of me loves simple. What that means in my recipes are either spiced and seasoned with lots of aromats or they showcase the natural flavours of the ingredients.

As a mum and business owner I’m also busy, so there are nights where we’ll have toasties (mine are just foodie toasties), and where I just CBF and want an easy recipe. And yep, I quietly celebrate any time I make a winner the whole family eats.

In my Casa you’ll get a taste of all of that – simple, flavourful, fun, proven foodie-tested recipes. Buon Appetito! / Bil-hanā’ wa ash-shifā’ / ¡Buen apetito!

Marylin x

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