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The Woo In Organising Social Media

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Sick of the “WTF should I post on social media” dilemma? Hate thinking what to post where, how to fit it all in with your busy work schedule? wasting time figuring out all the tools and constant changes in the algorithm? You know you need to be consistent but your dropping all the balls? You know you need to be posting consistently on SM to generate more business but you feel overwhelmed..

Do you want to feel like a social media ninja knowing what to post in just a few hours a month without the headaches and overwhelm?

Ciao I’m Marylin,

I want to take you from feeling like an overwhelmed hot mess to ms flow on planning, organising and mapping out your social media posts in just a few hours for the whole month ahead. Save your time and not have you scavenging random pics from your camera roll to post just for the sake of posting. (sorry susan no one cares about your random bush pic). You are definitely at the right place to help you get your SM mind fuck sorted.

My easy AF Social Media Organisation system which takes the thinking out of your daily dilemma, in fact for the whole month. You will learn how to plan your posts for the month ahead intentionally, authentically and show up with ease by being you! NO more overwhelm, mind fuck, or stressing out whether what you are posting is relevant or doing your brand any justice. the key to growing your business is consistency and I am giving it to you for a cheap ass garlic price.

What you need is My easy AF "The Woo In Organising SM" which is a video tutorial that has accompanying templates for you to follow, download and implement.

You will receive emails holding your hand with a step by step process to help guide you in unraveling this gem. Don't worry I've got your back! You have the key to my increased engagement and business TOOL! Before you know it you will wonder why you even stressed out about instagram and how you need it for your business. (guys instagram is nothing but gaining another girlfriend that has $$$ to buy your shit)

1. have a whole month of humanising posts planned for the month ahead

2. know how to show up intentionally

3. have a flow in your social media business ecosystem (da fuck is dat - you'll see)

Some frequent questions I get asked:

Q. Do you need to be a product or service based business to be able to implement this strategy?
either! it can be applied to both

Q. I'm not advance on social media, will I get it?

Q. How do I do a reel?
Guys there is some core foundation we need to pour before get to a reel. You'll get why when you go through this strategy

Q. What is a live/IGTV? What do I say and why am I doing it?
These are all important and definitely play a part in the puzzle. However doing random Live's is a waste of time if there is no intention behind them. You will learn where they play a part strategically in my (((Social Media Organisation system)))

The Organise Your Woo is only $97 and ready to lock and load and sent to your inbox once you complete purchase. Please make sure your email address is correct at time of purchase. 

I cannot wait to see you smash this, just remember... Small changes + new habits = big wins.

Consistency, Persistence and Patience

Once you have made it big time don't forget me on the grams

You're welcome,

Can't wait to hold your hand and walk over to the organised side of the bridge,
Marylin xx

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