🥟 Online Dumpling Cook Along Class 🥟

🥟 Online Dumpling Cook Along Class 🥟

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There's dumpling you should know......
Book this and you and I will have a date on Sunday 14th, August 2022 at 4pm AEST.
Maybe there won't be marriage, maybe there won't be kids, but by God there'll be cooking!

This will be a live cooking class making prawn and pork dumpling with a dipping sauce that you can enjoy for dinner that evening or freeze for a later date.

Please make sure you come dressed to impress (aka in comfy trackies lol) and have read the cooking class guide attached to your purchase email. It will include all the moves you need for the recipe and important pre-class prep. It would be handy to have it printed or on-screen to refer to during our time together. 

you will receive all this information in the downloadable guide:

kitchen tools & utensils needed 
pre class prep needed prior to the class
zoom clickable link (please ensure email used at checkout is active) 

 Class will be held on Sunday August 14th at 4pm AEST. 

Replay of the class will be emailed a day after the class so if you cannot make it LIVE do not worry. This will only be available to those who purchase only.

Class duration will be approximately 60-90minutes and if you have to leave it is no drama.


I can't wait to see you there!
Love, Peace and Food,
Marylin Xx