One Bowl Dinner's Cookbook

One Bowl Dinner's Cookbook

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Introducing my One Bowl Dinner's Cookbook

The past few months I have been absolutely loving cooking a meal that gets piled into one bowl that I can eat on the dining table or curled up on the couch while watching some tv (Surely you do this too)?

I thought I would create some of my favourite meals that I have been enjoying lately and put it into this book for you to make and enjoy with your family.

15 recipes 

slow cooker and stove top method options where applicable 

shopping list for each recipe 

tips and suggestions for each recipe 


This cookbook has 15 one bowl recipes from curries to kofta to stiry frys to a baked risotto. I have made sure each is full of flavour but also super easy to make.

The other thing I have added in this book is both stove top methods as well as slow cooker method if the recipe allows. I know how time poor some of us are (ha the joke I should say all of us) so I was very mindful of making sure if there was ever a way to help make a recipe even easier I added it in there.

These are perfect for family weeknight dinners as well as having people over on the weekend. I have added in tips and substitutions for all recipes in case you want to change things up or use up what you have in the fridge/freezer.

There is also an individual shopping list for each recipe, so if you are a meal planner you can quickly add and ingredients for a particular recipe to you shopping list without having to think and if you are a last minute cook then you can simply take a pic of the shopping list and rush off the the supermarket and get the ingredients directly from there to get this meal on the table.

I cannot wait for you to have a copy of this book and experience the flavours.

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Much love,
Marylin xx