🥟 Dumpling Masterclass 🥟

🥟 Dumpling Masterclass 🥟

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There's dumpling you should know 🥟

This downloadable masterclass was a live cooking class of me making prawn and pork dumpling with a dipping sauce that you can enjoy for dinner that evening or freeze for a later date.

Once purchased you will receive all this information in a one time only downloadable guide:

recipe for both dumplings and dipping sauce 
kitchen tools & utensils needed 
pre class prep needed prior to you cooking
clickable video link that will take you to a private Youtube video of me teaching how to make the dumplings, dipping sauce and some close up videos of various folding techniques. 

Class duration will be approximately 60minutes and you can make these at your own pace and pleasure.


I can't wait to see your remakes!
Love, Peace and Food,
Marylin Xx