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Delicious AF Dinners Cookbook

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Attention: Foodies who love to cook

Sick of the “WTF should I cook for dinner” dilemma?

Imagine having a bunch of new, foodie-tested dinner ideas up your sleeve… the kind that make you mutter, “f*** I’m good!” under your breath

Introducing my Delicious AF dinners cookbook

Sick of the “WTF should I cook for dinner” dilemma? Hate calling hubby at 3pm after school pick up asking him what he feels like having for dinner, only having "whatever" as his suggestion? Oh and then how to fit it all in with your busy work schedule? You are in a lull and cooking rut cooking the same meals on repeat and youre over it.... But also don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all freaking day/night with 17392480 pots and pans to wash up...

Do you need to find that energy to do it at the end of a looooooong day at work but have run out of ideas. Oh, and wish your kids will actually eat it without complaining that are too healthy and yukkk...?

Ciao I’m Marylin,

I want to take you from feeling like an overwhelmed hot mess to ms flow in the cucina.... I am here to help a sister!

My latest recipes takes the thinking out of your daily cooking dilemma. 15 recipes PLUS little cute links along the way to help you get your cook on! NO more overwhelm, mind fuck, stressing out WTF am I making for dinner, having to come up with something every day, variety, motivation, Pleasing everyone... The list goes on....

What you need is my "Delicious AF Dinners" Cookbook.
1. meal ideas that will have you trying new recipes and flavours but not stressing you out.

2. Quick easy meals that the whole family will enjoy. Oh and if they don't have a banana and sod off...

3. Save you thinking what to cook every night... (worst thing everrrr)

Heres what some of my community members have to say about my recipes:

Linda says: My husband said… that Marilyn goes alright with her recipes… I think you have added a few years to my marriage 😂

I will never in my life ever buy gnocchi from the shops ever again - was a little labour of love but hands down so worth making it yourself 🙌🏼👌🏼 it was so delicious just melts in your mouth.

Mel says: Usually at least one of my kids or hubby will turn up their nose at a dish, so this will definitely make an encore appearance soon.

Hernan says: Such a great recipe!!! Second time in a month and gets better and better Marylin Rossano!!

Some frequent questions I get asked:

Q. Do you need to be an advanced cook to make these dishes?
ummmmm hell to the NO...

Q. Time... Will these dishes take a whole MF day to make....
Absofuckinglutely NOT.... Most of the recipes are easy. There is a couple that are more for food therapy but I will be hosting cooking classes so we can make these together...

Q. Will the family eat it?
I mean look guys I wish I could promise this but truth be told everyone has different likes and dislikes... In saying that you will definitely know what to swap, omit etc from my recipes. So long as I have taken the thinking out and inspired you to cook something amazing my job is complete...

Q. Are there a lot of ingredients in your recipes?
Depends. Some do but the method is simple. I wish I could be that person that only uses 3 ingredients but I am not, I am all about flavour baby....

The Delicious AF dinner Hard book is only $27.95 and can join your amazing collection of culinary cook books!

I cannot wait to see your remakes, just remember... Small changes + new habits = big wins.

Please share your remakes on the grams
You can also join my FREE FB group "The woo in food" to share any remakes, ask me questions and simply share your love of food and recipes.

Much love,
Marylin xx

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