Cucina Monthly Subscription

Cucina Monthly Subscription

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I want to take you on the journey of meal planning.....

I know this can seem like a dirty word but I PROMISE it is not because it is my cucina planner and my aim is to make it easy for you, small steps, small changes, small habits create big wins and hello yummy weeknight dinners.

I have taken the THINKING and replaced it with EASE for you in this subscription. Once a week you will get a digital download planner. 5 meals, 5 recipes, AND the shopping list!!! I mean come on. It is a general diet, and I have literally taken my meals, my routine and system, put it in a package for you and giving it to you...

See, once, a while a go I was a flustered working wife, then became a flustered working mum of one, and then a flustered working mum of two and I found myself so stressed just getting dinner on the table let alone getting anything else done.

I came up with a strategy, one that worked for me and it helped create ease for my day to day. One hour per week planning and writing my list, shopping once a week (hello online shopping) and everything is good to go in my fridge for the rest of the week.

Cooking delicious meals from scratch doesn't have to be hard or time consuming, it just needs a little help on the organisation side and that is what I have done here for you.

Your time in thinking is taken care of, you just cook these meals around your daily schedule.

The dates for 2021 for the subscriptions are below. 
5th March
2nd April
30th April
28th May
25th June
23rd July
20th aug
17th Sept
15th Oct
12th Nov
10th Dec

Please note that you will need to be signed up 24 hours prior to these dates in order to receive that months subscription.

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