About Me


Ciao I’m Marylin,

Now a lot of you know me and I’m sure there are a few (ok A LOT) that don’t, I am Marylin, a wife and mum of two amazing toddlers Valentino (Tino) & Penelope (P). (Don’t be fooled by their good looks, they give me grey hairs!), my husband Giuseppe aka Joe aka Pino aka Mr Drip (which is his biz name being the plumber, full crack and all that he is) who conned me into being his bookkeeper, selling me the tradies wife dream ha, don’t be fooled I’m not that stupid, just organised.

If you follow me along on Instagram you would have noticed I LOVE to cook (bitch throw me an apron) and clean, but not like a normal I have to clean, clean, more like the smell of pledge gives me air to breathe, decluttering gives me the same feels as not letting the jerk in traffic in after trying to cut 30 people off, meal planning makes me feel like organised Martha Stewart meets Gordon Ramsey and washing, folding AND packing away clothes ALL in one day like some action hero out of The Incredibles, so yeah I have issues (we all do so shut your thoughts)

You can also add sewing to the list, like super cute baby clothes you can buy because something has to fill that forever cluckiness I have because god only knows my pelvic floor and abdomen separation cannot and will not keep up, also there is only so many babies I can sniff without getting some mad side eye. I do also like to work out - you guessed it I’m the chic at the front in the gym class because if you’re too slow, uncoordinated and can’t keep up then you bet I will keep you on your toes when doing skaters in body attack, and when asked what my gym goals were I wrote to eat pasta with parmesan guilt free… My trainer stalks my page daily and reminds me there is cheese on my food and not to complain about my FUPA and why I have one.

 Life is good.

SOOOOO why all this spill? Well I feel like I should give you a little insight to me and my life and welcome you to my site of the three big C’s and I’m not talking about cheese cc’s, I’m talking cleaning, cooking & crafting page…. So if you like me and my WEIRD AF obsessions and sense of humour, welcome. For those who feel I am not your cup of tea , that is fine and I’m sorry. Please remember I do not always have my shit together (shout out to my AWESOME neighbours for not calling DOCs every morning trying to get the eldest to pee). I just love to share things that seem for some boring and chore some as motivation, inspiration whilst having a laugh. Plus no one likes a manky toilet lets be real… I’ll be brining you value, strategies and some super cute handmade stuff and help you pick up at least on recipe and hack to make your day a little less of a hot mess.

Marylin xx