About Me


Ciao I’m Marylin,

I help working women meal plan & cook from scratch with ease by taking overwhelm & thinking out of the no time juggle. To re ignite that passion and inspiration in the kitchen that we once had before we got stuck in the lull and rut of everyday life and fussy kids who love the word no.

I want to take you from feeling like an overwhelmed hot mess to ms flow, saving you time and not have you wondering in and out of supermarket aisles wonder what the eff to cook for dinner. Sparing you walking out of the supermarket with nothing but random ingredients and a bunch of weekly specials.

My monthly Cucina Planner takes the thinking out of your daily dilemma, my recipes and shopping list will have you wizzing in and out of the supermarket once a week and dishing up freaking delicious Mediterranean food for you and the family.

My podcast "The Woo In Food" is a place where you will form a love and passion for cooking from scratch with ease, tips, tricks, habit formation, simplicity in all tasks from food to work with a dose of humour. A podcast that will touch points on routines, both in food and the home as well as small business strategies to really get us moving the needle in getting shit done...

Life is good.

Now a lot of you know me and I’m sure there are a few (ok A LOT) that don’t, I am Marylin, a wife and mum of two amazing toddlers Valentino (Tino) & Penelope (P). (Don’t be fooled by their good looks, they give me grey hairs!), my husband Giuseppe aka Joe aka Pino aka Mr Drip (which is his biz name being the plumber, full crack and all that he is) who conned me into being his bookkeeper, selling me the tradies wife dream ha, don’t be fooled I’m not that stupid, just organised.

If you follow me along on Instagram you would have noticed I LOVE to cook (bitch throw me an apron) and clean, but not like a normal I have to clean, clean, more like the smell of pledge gives me air to breathe, decluttering gives me the same feels as not letting the jerk in traffic in after trying to cut 30 people off, meal planning makes me feel like organised Martha Stewart meets Gordon Ramsey and washing, folding AND packing away clothes ALL in one day like some action hero out of The Incredibles, so yeah I have issues (we all do so shut your thoughts)

Please remember I do not always have my shit together (shout out to my AWESOME neighbours for not calling DOCs every morning trying to get the eldest to pee). I just love to share things that seem for some boring and chore some as motivation, inspiration whilst having a laugh. 

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Marylin xx