Marylin Rossano

Are you sick of the “WTF should I cook for dinner” dilemma and ready to toss the frozen meals away?

Ciao I’m Marylin,

I want to take you from feeling like an overwhelmed hot mess to ms flow in the kitchen, saving you your time and not have you pacing up and down supermarket aisles wondering what the f**k to cook for dinner. Save you from walking out of the supermarket with nothing but random ingredients and a bunch of weekly specials. Stop that habit you have calling le husband at 3pm asking him what he feels like for dinner only having him say "whatever"....

My recipes will have you wizzing in and out of the supermarket once a week and dishing up freaking delicious Mediterranean food for you and the family that has my multi cultural heritage infused into them all with ease. No more frozen pies, maccas Pit stops on the way home, and certainly no more brain cells wasted in the dinner department, even old mate husband will be suggesting these meals in the future. Your spice cupboard and palate will be overloaded even you will be incorporating my flavours into your own passionate cook ups. 

My podcast "The Woo In Food" is a place where you will form a love and passion for cooking from scratch with ease, tips, tricks, habit formation, simplicity in all tasks from food to work with a dose of humour. A podcast that will touch points on routines, both in food and the home as well as small business strategies to really get us moving the needle in getting shit done...

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Marylin xx