1:1 Mentoring

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Hey busy solopreneur,

I see and hear you... Juggling all the hats, Sick of the “WTF should I post on social media” dilemma? Hate thinking what to post where, how to fit it all in with your busy work schedule? wasting time figuring out all the tools and constant changes in the algorithm? You know you need to be consistent but your dropping all the balls? You know you need to be posting consistently on SM to generate more business but you feel overwhelmed and straight out disorganised?

I am here to help you feel organised with mapping out all your social media posts for the month ahead. Authentically, and intentionally showing up to serve your audience with ease and build that brand, community and engagement that will generate business for you. 

During our 1:1 mentoring time we will work together to look at your flustered social media schedule (or lack of) and nut out how we can map out and organise your social media posts with EASE. You will be showing up authentically, consistently while having and intentional strategy.

We look and implement steps and strategies to make the days flow. They will cover areas such as:

> really nailing that niche and elevator pitch
> What and were in your business to focus on first (especially if you suffer from shiny object syndrome and want to do it all yesterday) 
> knowing your brand voice
> mapping out you posting pillars 
> Organising and arranging your posts for the month ahead
> Tie your content into your main vehicle
> Tie in IG tools to help boost that engagement

This is catered to your pain points.

Why get 1:1?


Often we are bombarded with free content, planners, schedules, routines but we never do them. We try them and if they do not work for us we give up and go back to our old habits.

I am the time blocking queen (can thank my nursing days for this) I get things done, I am faced with a problem and "fix" it, and that is what I am here for! It is my strength.

Mentors are just brave fairies who raise our hands and hearts out to say we are for you and can help you shift from that place of fluster, shame, overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.

your strengths lie amongst your struggles.

You have got this.

Please reach out to book your 1:1 mentoring sessions.

I offer session packages. I do not offer one off's as I love to build a rapport and momentum and help guide you with habit changes and amendments. Reach out and book a discovery call to see what serves you best. (If the times do not suit you feel free to contact me to arrange a time)

If 1:1 Mentoring sounds like something you are interested in, I would love to chat with you further.