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Curry Coconut Pumpkin Soup

Overnight Soaked Oats Mix

Overnight Soaked Oats Mix

Overnight Soaked Oats
 Personally, I am an eggs for breakfast kind of girl BUT two kids later and a busy schedule I needed to come up with something on the go… Like I mean bare minimum prep. SO I saw this superfood mix in Aldi I was all over it. I basically make this bulk mix and makes a month’s worth of supply… I know right!

Easy Cheats Hummus

I grew up with an Arab father so hummus was always in the fridge on standby just to slather our rolls, meat and anything else that may be boring as a child. Now sorry I am not the woman that sits, soaks, drains and rinses and re soaks and boils or whatever bloody traditional process it takes to make a bloody dip.