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Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta Gnocchi

There is something deeply satisfying with making food from scratch. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it gives me a sense of wholeness, warmth and comfort. Like when you were a kid and you ask your mum or grandma for a particular dish that gave you the feels so much so you can still smell and feel it to this day when you think back on it.

Jap Pumpkin With Cinnamon, Garlic Yoghurt, Chili & Coriander

I had this side/salad dish somewhere, sometime when I had a life, waaaaaay before ISO, I just cant remember where and if it was anywhere near as good as mine. This week I ordered a jap pumpkin and while I love pumpkin, the size of one bigger than my head (and I have a big head) made me thinking of creative ways to use this beast up, doesn’t help when the kids run a mile at the site of pumpkin…..


Ok, let's be real - making my own pasta gives me life! PSA: this isn't the OG recipe that the nonnas make BUT it is easy and downright delicious! I make 3kg batches at a time and portion them off in 500ml jar/containers and pop them in the freezer ready to defrost whenever I need. 

Silver beet, Potato, Salmon Herb & Cheese Frittata

I totally winged this dish using up ingredients I had in my fridge and I have created an EPIC winner. Now, I know a lot of you would be like "ew, frittata" and I swear I put it down to you having a really shit frittata in the past and it has totally turned you off trying them ever again. But if there was a frittata to make a comeback then this is your dish


Now if you don't know what Chumichurri is thennn you need to go and make this and come back to me and then let's talk shall me? Growing up with a Southo mum meant we had the BEST BBQ's..