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Ferrero Rocher Knock Offs

Now if you don’t like a good old Ferrero Rocher I mean can we even be friends??? Probably not, but I’m sure you do because you clicked on this link and here we are. I am not going to take credit for creating this recipe because I actually did find it on @_bamik_  ‘s page) so please go over and give her a follow. They are a healthier version (I mean they’re totally not healthy but healthier lol) and easy enough to make so I hope you enjoy making these.

Easy Cheats Hummus

I grew up with an Arab father so hummus was always in the fridge on standby just to slather our rolls, meat and anything else that may be boring as a child. Now sorry I am not the woman that sits, soaks, drains and rinses and re soaks and boils or whatever bloody traditional process it takes to make a bloody dip.