Recipes — Pasta

Italian Sausage & Bean Soup

This is another winter warmer soup. I do make this is the slow cooker (surprise surprise) but it can easily be done on the stove top. I am all about wholesome delicious soups in winter.

Ricotta Gnocchi

There is something deeply satisfying with making food from scratch. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it gives me a sense of wholeness, warmth and comfort. Like when you were a kid and you ask your mum or grandma for a particular dish that gave you the feels so much so you can still smell and feel it to this day when you think back on it.

Fettuccine Boscaiola


Ok, let's be real - making my own pasta gives me life! PSA: this isn't the OG recipe that the nonnas make BUT it is easy and downright delicious! I make 3kg batches at a time and portion them off in 500ml jar/containers and pop them in the freezer ready to defrost whenever I need. 

Pasta al Forno (AKA fancy pasta bake)

So as many of you have seen over on my socials, this is one of my many pasta dishes. I’m sure many Nonnas will look at this with their hands waving in the air doing the sign of the cross but seriously Nonnas no one cars because my whole family, especially my kids lick the plate so we’re gonna roll with this recipe ok! So for all you people wanting to make a gourmet pasta bake that is easy AND has some hidden veggies for these kids then this is the dish!