Recipes — Meat

Portugese Chicken

I don’t know if this is really a proper Portuguese chicken marinade but I do know it is super similar and freaking delicious. My Southo mum has been making it this way for yonks, we love it, the kids love it so that means you MUST make it

Three Cheese Zucchini Slice

I stumbled across this original recipe by Donna Hay which can be found HERE and when I saw the combo of cheese I was like now THAT is my kind of zucchini slice. The kids (and when I say the kids I also include the husband lol) they LOVE it. 

Pie Maker Sausage and Egg McMuffins

Pfft who needs a maccas breakfast when you can make it better at home? If you don’t have a pie maker then you need to get one pronto… I’ll be showing you more recipes on here using it (like I’m talking donuts and pizza pockets) but if you don’t have one then that is so ok, you can use a cupcake tray and alter the cooking times a bit.

Pasta al Forno (AKA fancy pasta bake)

So as many of you have seen over on my socials, this is one of my many pasta dishes. I’m sure many Nonnas will look at this with their hands waving in the air doing the sign of the cross but seriously Nonnas no one cars because my whole family, especially my kids lick the plate so we’re gonna roll with this recipe ok! So for all you people wanting to make a gourmet pasta bake that is easy AND has some hidden veggies for these kids then this is the dish! 

Spiced Chicken Rice

Now this is my go to family pleaser that takes no time at all! This is a traditional middle eastern dish but simplified and essentially a cheats version. If there is an ingredient or two you do not like or would like to replace by all means do so. As for any traditional recipe everyone has their own way of making it but this is my easy version.