Recipes — Kid Friendly

Fish Fingers

 Now if your kids are like mine and run for the hills when they hear the word fish then brace yourself because they ATE these and loved them. I use a white fish like Basa fillets which are not ‘fishy’ if you get my drift so with all the flavors and crumbs the kids will just hopefully believe the whole “these are chicken nuggets” story we pull on them time to time. You can totally use another type of fish if you prefer to do so.

Ferrero Rocher Knock Offs

Now if you don’t like a good old Ferrero Rocher I mean can we even be friends??? Probably not, but I’m sure you do because you clicked on this link and here we are. I am not going to take credit for creating this recipe because I actually did find it on @_bamik_  ‘s page) so please go over and give her a follow. They are a healthier version (I mean they’re totally not healthy but healthier lol) and easy enough to make so I hope you enjoy making these.

Easy Cheats Hummus

I grew up with an Arab father so hummus was always in the fridge on standby just to slather our rolls, meat and anything else that may be boring as a child. Now sorry I am not the woman that sits, soaks, drains and rinses and re soaks and boils or whatever bloody traditional process it takes to make a bloody dip.