Recipes — Breakfast

Yummy Corn & Feta Fritters AKA Savoury Pancakes

Ok so this is pretty much a corn fritter recipe but with a bit of a spin, and one day decided to wing this recipe and make them in a pancake pan for the kids and see if they were a hit and surprise surprise they were - YAY.

Silver beet, Potato, Salmon Herb & Cheese Frittata

I totally winged this dish using up ingredients I had in my fridge and I have created an EPIC winner. Now, I know a lot of you would be like "ew, frittata" and I swear I put it down to you having a really shit frittata in the past and it has totally turned you off trying them ever again. But if there was a frittata to make a comeback then this is your dish


Now if you don't know what Chumichurri is thennn you need to go and make this and come back to me and then let's talk shall me? Growing up with a Southo mum meant we had the BEST BBQ's..

Three Cheese Zucchini Slice

I stumbled across this original recipe by Donna Hay which can be found HERE and when I saw the combo of cheese I was like now THAT is my kind of zucchini slice. The kids (and when I say the kids I also include the husband lol) they LOVE it. 

Pie Maker Sausage and Egg McMuffins

Pfft who needs a maccas breakfast when you can make it better at home? If you don’t have a pie maker then you need to get one pronto… I’ll be showing you more recipes on here using it (like I’m talking donuts and pizza pockets) but if you don’t have one then that is so ok, you can use a cupcake tray and alter the cooking times a bit.