Green Persian Rice (Baghali Polo)

My guilty pleasure is Persian food and I always order their green Dill bean rice, so I call it. Now this is definitely not authentic but I figured I would make a quick and easy version for those busy weeknights. This is perfect with grilled meat like kofta and eggplant dip.

Persian Rice


1 cup of basmati or long grain rice

50g salted Butter

3 cloves of Garlic, crushed

1/3 cup dried dill

1 cup broad beans, thawed and peeled

3 tablespoons Chives

Tiny pinch of saffron dissolved in 1 tablespoon hot water


2 cups of boiling water




1. Rinse rise thoroughly and soak for 30minutes.

2. Place a medium deep pot on medium low heat and melt butter with a tablespoon on EVOO. Stir in garlic and dried dill for one minute until fragrant.

2. Fold in broad beans, chives. Rinse drain rice and add to the pot and stir until rice evenly coated.

3. Pour in water, season with salt to liking and top with saffron. Turn heat to low and place lid on. Allow too cook for approximately 15 minutes or until rice cooked through stirring half way through cooking process.

4. Fluff rice and enjoy.



> Served perfectly with kofta and Persian eggplant dip.

> You could replace dill with other herbs such as parsley.



Marylin xx


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