Top 3 quick meals for busy evenings.

Do you find you are cooking the same effing meals day in and day out. Oh hang on wait, I have a better one... When you were younger and mum would make a new dish and you told her how delicious it was so she made it every week for the next 10 years of your life!!! Worst life mistake everrrrrr except i feel I am now that mum 🤣 Hey whatever gets the tribe to eat and makes it easier for me...

Remember how I say keep it easy... Yeah well keep your weeknight meals easy... It doesn't have to be overly fancy to make it delicious.

My three top easy go to weeknight meals are probably:
1. A basic spag bowl... Because hello hidden veggies (insert evil laugh)

2. Pizzas - Can someone please not remind me that the dreaded footy season is coming up (kill me please) but also I do love making homemade pizzas - guys you know me and my 2 ingredient dough cookbook

3. Burgers - boom! chop a bunch of fillings and everyone can build their own.

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