Cleaning 101: The dreaded oven!

Sooooo say AMEN sister if you agree this has to be in the top 5 hated things to clean around the house…. Honestly I dread it because it’s a process itself and you then need to tee it up with a day you don’t need to cook dinner in the oven which is another pain in the butt.

Anyway I thought I would film the tedious process for you and I hope I covered most points along the way. Now I know a few people soak their racks in the bathtub in which they place an old sheet/towel under the racks and fill the tub with hot water and dishwashing liquid but let’s be honest who can be bothered doing that and some of us don’t even have a bath tub!

Which brings me onto the oven power kit by Ozkleen! Oh and it is totally not sponsored. I saw this recommended on a forum a while back and the fact that everything comes in it and it takes the stress out of where to soak the racks sold me. So in the kit you get the oven cleaning liquid solution, a massive plastic zip lock bag (can fit up to a 90cm wide oven racks) & disposable gloves.

The process pretty much goes a bit like this if you don’t want to watch my bodgy ass video:

  1. Take racks out of oven and place in provided bag (make sure you place on a flat surface and I popped an old towel under it just in case) pour 3/4 solution (leave the 1/4 for the inside of the oven) zip it up and make sure liquid is evenly distributed in bag - best soaked overnight or for a minimum of 4hrs after of which you will open bag in laundry tub and scrub racks with a scourer and dishwashing liquid discarding the solution and bag.
  2. For the inside of the oven I use a scourer, bowl of warm water with dishwashing liquid, cream cleaner. Simply pour the left 1/4 bottle left over oven power liquid solution and spread on the base and sides and leave for an hour or so prior to scrubbing it. Place some cream cleaner on the base oven and squeeze excess liquid off scourer and scrub inside of oven and oven door. Please do not scrub the fan at the back of the oven or the grill on the top. Wipe down with a damp sponge.
  3. Place racks back into oven and Bob’s your uncle. 

As you can see in my video here it is an easy enough process and takes the headache out. Does the chemical smell super bad you ask? Not as bad as them foam sprays I have used in the past, and because most of the chemical is contained in the sealed bag it did not affect me. I hope this spill and video has helped you lighten up to the idea of cleaning your oven and can save you some $$$ with outsourcing the cleaning process.

Here is the link to all you crazy bitches that want to give it a crack.

OzClean oven power

Much love,
Marylin xx

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