Why Procrastination Is Affecting Your Week Flow



There has to be an area in your life whether it is business, home, relationship, friendship that procrastination shows up, if not 173405 times at least once here and there. As working women we so often experience this, sometimes it shows up in other ways, you know distracting ways.... Ooooo let me change the colour of my logo, let me change my bio or template, I need to re take this photo, i'll make suer next week I am more organised and do a bigger shop, I will bulk make meals so I don't have to always be stressed around meal times, i'll mop the floors because they're dirty rather than working on income generating tasks because that's more important....

Procrastination is commonly fear based, fear of failure, rejection, wasting time blah blah.... many of times it can be due to lack of clarity in ones self, whether it be in our career, rel'ship, our freaking identity? Want to chase our dreams but also mum and having to juggle all the balls. Procrastination doesn't have to own you or your week.... I'm all for chasing those dream, and I found by placing some systems in my house life juggle like meal planning it lifted a world of stress in the "wtf should I cook dilemma" out of my daily life giving me back TIME! Time to focus and get shit done.... But also I love to cook and enjoy that time in the kitchen, that spark fizzled when my procrastination kicked in and i'm here to say it came back just by some forward thinking in place.

This week I have a beautiful guest Karen Turpin. She is known as the "unstuck coach" helping Spiritually Minded Entrepreneurs and Women who are ready to breakthrough their abundance blocks so that they can become authentically aligned to their passion and purpose. We discussed all things on procrastination, clarity and how they may show up in your life.

As always I ask my guests for their go to CBF meal and Karens was her bun less abundance burgers with sweet potato fries.... yuummmm I'll share the recipe over on IG and my FB group for you to make and share.

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