Slow Cookers Save Lives with Daniella Mendicino


When we think of some dishes we love to cook that often where made by our families, you know those recipes that have been handed down and give us all the feels when we cook and eat them with our families and friends.... We don't often get a chance to make them as they can be a labour of love and let's say effing time consuming which we don't have much to spare. Especially if these dishes require time in the oven or stove simmering.

Labour of love meals can be done with ease in a slow cooker..... Or a pressure cooker... Or heck even a multi cooker without having you feel like a flustered hot mess! what if you mastered one of (or all if that's your jam) these appliances and it made your life easier?

This week I chat on the podcast titled "Slow cookers save lives" with the ever so lovely Danie from @cookingwithdanie all things slower cooker vs traditional stove and oven cooking. We thought we would bring our forces, brain, knowledge and heritage to the show and discuss meals that can be done in the slow cooker, and we drop some amazing tips and tricks that we hope you will be able to implement into your cooking and kitchen to really nail the art of the slow cooking.

Of course like all my guests I asked Danie to share an amazing CBF go to meal she makes and she was so kind to suggest her favourite quick and easy Rana four cheese ravioli that you can get at most supermarkets, Served with a cherry tomato sauce, where you cook down the tomatoes with lots of garlic and topped with parmesan - it is the best! I have shared this on my IG feed and Danie has this plus many more of her recipes saved on her highlights.

So please go ahead and make it for you and your families and we would love to see your remakes. Tag me on the gram

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