Is clutter bogging you down?



Do you feel there is some parts of the house that has you feeling overwhelmed? Or it has got to that point that there is this pile of shit, unknown or unlabelled shit that you have avoided de cluttering for 23628years but it now part of the facade and vibe of the house. I feel there are just some things that I need organised to help with my flow, my living, my freaking mental health for gods sake. Imma tell you the pantry is the main zone.


Looking at Pinterest and IG perfect pantry make overs does not have to make you feel like a sour coffee with burnt milk (omg anything worse first thing in the morning?) At one stage I had a neat but disorganised pantry, and while it "worked" it didn't because I found it was becoming hard to keep track of inventory. I would have double and sadly sometimes triple of certain items because I just didn't know I had them. I also do not have the grace of a walk in pantry (one day I will dammit) so it was time for a big purge and clean up. No longer was I to have the cupboard like the mm's ad where the chic would open the door and shit would fly at her face.

This weeks episode I discuss all things culling, sorting, grouping, and of course some red hot tips around how I organised my pantry. I have given you the challenge to organise yours to suit YOU and YOUR way of living and cooking. It's a shit job, just as shit as tidying up the kids wardrobes (that shit needs a months mental prep prior to getting into it) But I assure you once done it is done and it will help you get that groove back on in cooking and help spark that creativity in cooking up meals.

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