How to Run The Week & Not Have The Week Run You!



Those weeks that just flow shit hey... It starts off with one little thing and then BOOM the rest of the week can just burn up into flames. Half assed dinners because I mean it's not a priority as much as staying oxygenated. Our mate Sharon (aka dirty washing) doesn't give us a break as she is needy AF and doesn't pull her weight in packing up after herself, meetings, appointments if there is a sick kid in tow (secretly rather that than a sick husband with man flu) and before you know it you are searching for "SOS housekeepers" on airtasker.

The week doesn't have to run you especially when shit hits the fan. I mean look if were being honest it may still 1% but you also wont be needing a hair transplant after the hair loss from loosing your shit. This is where my Cucina Planner came to life.... From being in that place....

This weeks solo episode is all about little tips on what I implemented into my weeks to ensure I am focused and in flow. When weeks get tough here and there yes I have a cry but I also work around my tasks. It has made a big difference by being consistent and persistent in some areas like meal planning and forward thinking. I love to cook and by not overwhelming myself with meals that don't serve my schedule on certain days was a big change I also made. Mapping my week with what is going on also gave me clarity on when to do what on. Giving myself weekly goals/tasks that were achievable and manageable was another change. Giving myself grace for where I am in my stage of home/work juggle and not getting too ahead of myself was something that facilitated in these weekly tasks, because "when I get there" doesn't exist. I love to cook and I know a lot of you who follow me do too, the spark has just fizzled because of the thinking and time battle (bastard) I have taken that away in my monthly Cucina planner, you just shop the list and cook away. There are options in there for those fussy AF family members, you can cook the meals on what days suit your schedule, but most importantly you will enjoy it again because you haven't wasted your day in and out of supermarket aisles, juggling, thinking, sitting in traffic and being snack bitch.

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