How To Be Different With Patty Domingeuz



Ever felt you had to be someone else? You had to be a certain way, cook certain meals, wear certain clothes, talk and show up a certain way to be accepted, to define you, to be taken serious... Pfft what a load of shit hey? You are different just by being you. You're not the first or last one to cook a certain dish, to work in your industry and sell a program, to be a working mum that has a side business and juggling all the balls..... Point is there is room for everyone even if you do not see or believe it...

Showing up and being you no matter what you love to eat, preach, speak, watch, or hang out is all the things that make you unique. We humans love to complicate things and it doesn't have to be that way.

This week's podcast episode "How to be different" I had the honour to be guest on my very own mentor's show @pattydominguez_ positioning to profit. We chat all things standing out of the crowd, how being you is being different, why some of us connect with certain people online, what makes you unique, how authenticity is craved now more than ever, being in a community with like minded people makes you feel at home.

When creating recipes for you in my monthly cucina planner it is so important to incoporate recipes that have homage to my cultures (yes there is a few there haha) but when you cook these meals they will make you feel like a a warm hug.

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