Habits That Screw Your Meals with Monica Lopera Nassar


Is food and meals part of your home culture? In the busy fast past life we all seem to be living do you have something like food or meal time as your main family lighthouse or anchor, the thing that brings you together (even if it feels like a battle sometimes) to talk about your day? even if most of the conversation is a bargain plea to have the kids eat the freaking dish that sent you to borderline have a melt down?

Meal time can be simplified.... Yup shock horror you heard me... It can because get this... All you have to do is make it effing easy. Make dishes that you know are quick, easy, simple and ideally a crowd pleaser even if this seems you need to call in all the unicorn forces to achieve this.... (You know my cucina planner can help you with this right?)

This weeks episode is "Habits screw your meals part one" with Monica from @calibrateyourwellness (because we could talk till the cows come home) and we start discussing how our habits can be screwing shit up in your households. We also talk about struggles with our identity, our health and wellness, giving all the things to everyone and not filling our own cup both nutritionally (hello eating the kids toast crusts) and emotionally.

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