Ep 2. - Top Three Tips For Meal Planning

Ep 2. - Top Three Tips For Meal Planning



Do you ever look at your dairy, calander or whatever for the week ahead and think what the actual FUCK... How am I going to bloody get through this effing week, work, do drop off's, cook a half decent meal, wash my freaking self and somehow maintain the house from looking like it hasn't been robbed.....

I'm here to announce..... Drum roll please.... that cooking from scratch doesn't have to be hard.... Before you tell me to sod off I want to say that as hard as it is to warm up to this idea it can be done! my cucina method is one that'll have you going from feeling like a hot mess to being this lady who has food made in the freezer... I'm not even kidding!

My biggest top three tips for meal planning in baby steps would have to be:

1. Plan your meals (shock horror) legit just write a list of meals that are your go too's and that everyone will eat... Hello pasta

2. Keep it easy... Before I inspire and excite you to go get that "making pasta from scratch" cookbook out, i'm going to ask you to bury that bitch for a bit. Pick meals you know, easy, simple pleaseeeeee. I don't want you cursing me across the other side of the country because all this was my idea.

3. Freezer.... If you don't love your freezer more than your husband are you even married? This is my life saver, Double batch some meals and build this stash up to help you on those days... You know the one where the kids have meltdowns, or you're a taxi driver, or you thought you were organised and somehow burnt dinner... yeah those ones. I got your back.

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