Ep 1 - Introducing My New Podcast "The Woo In Food"


woo definition: to seek the favor, affection, or love, to invite, to seek to persuade.
food definition: any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth

Welcome to my brand spanking new podcast, "The woo in food" a place where discussions allllllll around food, form a love and passion for cooking from scratch with ease, tips, tricks, habit formation, simplicity in the most amazing produce, a platform to help you get meals made by taking the overwhelm and thinking out of the time poor juggle but always.... and I mean always served with a side of humour.... I cannot help myself cracking some jokes so buckle up for a laugh because the metaphors I use just cannot be unseen in that brain of yours.

I wanted to share stories, fail ones mostly, but also the lessons learned from this crazy food journey that is now a thing I call business. All the highs and lows, pure uncut straight up advise. I see you and feel you hot messes, trying to juggle all the balls and them dropping one by one, you're not alone. Cooking from scratch doesn't have to be hard, it really doensn't.... and I will lead the path to this statement

I thought it was important to bring together a platform and create a community to share all topics meal related, and well a side of hot mess because... that's how we change, when we speak up, freaking break down our pain points and implement some changes, and seriously they can be the smallest yet most liberating and transforming!

Join my FREE FB Group here I will be in there sharing a load of content and doing some Lives and simply helping you woo that food....

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