"Done is better than perfect" with Masterchef Rose Adams



This weeks podcast Episode is with Rose Adam's, a Masterchef contestant who came on to have a hilarious chat about all things that come from working and chipping away at your dreams, how done is way better than perfect (cos that shit doesn't exist), guilt you experience when taking shortcuts in meals, how culture is infused in creativity of meals, how your pantry is your secret ninja, how there is no shame in repeating the same meals, and how creating your own notebook of you banger meals is maybe the secret to battling the "WTF should I cook for dinner" dilemma that we battle on the freaking daily.....

There are so many golden nuggets in this episode. We share a load of tip and tricks that you can implement into your daily grind and I hope you thoroughly enjoy this episode as much as I loved Interviewing Rose.

You can find Rose over on the gram at @rose_adam_cooks

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