Cull and Purge



Do you look around your home and most importantly your freaking kitchen and fridge and look at it and think FUCK THIS SHIT!

Like you want to have it all sorted but between the overflow clutter, snacks, random appliances, and then the toys, admin, husbands shit lying around you have no idea where to start, where does one find time and energy?

Kiss goodbye to the load of shit that you are holding onto I say.... Take one zone, one section at a time. Cull & purge baby. This week's podcasts guest is Mel from @simplymel01 we chat all things about decluttering and chat about:

> where to start a declutter process from

> What to aspire our space to look like

> How to reduce what you have

> Finding time to do all this shit

> and then after you sort your shit out how do you manage your shit?

> What are some go to staples to save your soul

Which cough cough ties into my monthly cucina meal planner.....

Mel has given her go to CBF meal suggestion and it is her cheats fried rice which you can add to your following weeks meal planner. I will have my variation added to the cucina planner in the next coming months...

You can also join the FREE FB community group "The Woo In Food"

If you're feeling like a flustered hot mess thinking wtf to cook for weeknight dinners my monthly Cucina meal subscription can help you by taking the thinking and overwhelm out of weeknight meals and re ignite that love and passion for cooking with a twist of my multi heritage


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