A Packet Of Puff Is All You Need - Podcast Episode 24

Maaattteeee let me tell you, if it's one staple that should be kept in your freezer on standby it is a packet of puff pastry.... This weeks podcast episode is all about what you can transform from a packet of puff. Have a listen to get your thinking brain juices flowing.

  1. got puff make pies
  2. got puff make spinach and feta fold overs
  3. got puff make a tart

and my fav...

got puff make Prosciutto & Pecorino Breadsticks 🤤🤤🤤watch them made here 👇🏼


She is also in my FREE FB group "the woo in food" (go on and join if you haven't already) and is always sharing her meals in there.

Have a listen & let me know what you think of this episode on my IG @rossanos.casa

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