2 minutes Noddles - Italian Style



Do you ever feel like the most simplest meals are the biggest winners? As a kid did you ever just make yourself 2 minute noddles and think ahhhh this has to be my fav meal ever (RIP metabolism)... Now your kids may want them but you think how can I jazz this up to make it a bit more nutritious... Even 1% more...

making these Italian style noddles from scratch doesn't have to be hard or take too long..... We just need a few ingredients... And the trophy for this pasta version I think tops any 2 minute noddle tits is Cacio e Pepe... Say what lady.... It's a fancy Italian version of cheese and pepper pasta.... I know right 🤯 It is so so simple and yet delicious and an absolute hit with the kids and well yeah us too. I serve it up with a side salad and doesn't vino always wash this down perfectly?

I want to take you down the easy path.... Take the thinking out of the equation and just bloody get them meals on the table... Oh and lets not forget old mate freezer who is the household superman... You can find the recipe for my version of Cacio e Pepe in the coming months cucina planner... No thinking... 5 meals, recipe and shopping list...

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