2 Ingredient Dough - Best Time Hack Ever


Ever see a time hack and think... Bloody genius! What a legend.... Well this is one... Yeah you've heard it but imma keep preaching it because it's my fav and i bet there will be someone who hasn't discovered it yet... It is my 2 ingredient dough... Yup 2 ingredients.... Can you imagine making pizza from scratch that has no crap in it easily and it not having to take 3 effing hours????

2 ingredients... Self raising flour and Greek yoghurt... That's all... Yup you heard me... That's all... No other ingredients, no what time for it to rise... Just combine, kneed and roll... Brilliant, I know and it makes cooking from scratch so much easier. Friday night pizzas don't have to be greasy and stingy with toppings because this recipe will have you re purposing it for sooo much.

Scrolls, Knots, pizza, the best ever fake focaccia that even fooled my Italian husband hahaha hang on there is more, empanadas, pork buns, brekkie pizzas, oh and of course lets not forget desert..... Crostata, orange, cinnamon cardamom knots, and my faaaaavvvvvv.... Baklava loaf so so so yummy!!! My book has them all....

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